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Principal Engineer
CST - Computer Simulation Technology

September 2015 - present  

Provide technical expert support for customers of all CST products worldwide. Also act as internal backup expert support worldwide of all CST products. Conducting and performing long term projects

Principal Engineer
CST - Computer Simulation Technology

September 2012 -August 2015 (2 years 11 months) 

Senior Applications Engineer
CST - Computer Simulation Technology

July 1999 – August 2012 (13 years 1 month), Darmstadt, Germany

•Provide technical support for users of CST products -modeling of electromagnetic systems using state of the art 3D simulation technology.
•Develop and teach training classes in electromagnetics modeling.
•Give CST product demonstrations at seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and meetings with customers.
•Work collaboratively with developers to implement new features and participate in the overall product development of CST.
•Provide pre-sales technical support to the sales team including on-site presentations, benchmark analysis and support of prospective customers through evaluations.
The supported CST-product range covers CST-MWS, CST-DS, CST-EMS, CST-MPh, CST-PCB, CST-CS, DellCross-Emit and DellCross-Savant, Antenna-Magus and Optenni-Lab.

Senior Applictions Engineer
Ansoft Corporation

February 1997 – June 1999 (2 years 5 months), Munich Area, Germany

Pan European customer support of all Ansoft products, technical pre- and post sales support, Trainings and Benchmarking,

Technical Consultant
MSC Software GmbH

October 1990 – January 1997 (6 years 4 months), Munich Area, Germany

Customer Support for 3D EM Simulation Software , CAE, Technical Focal Point for EM-Support, Pan-european, Trainings and Presentations,
 Link to US-based development center. Organizing educational support for colleagues pan-european
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

July 1986 – September 1990 (4 years 3 months), Munich Area, Germany

Customer support of CAE Software in the field of HF circuit simulation
 Development of 3D-RCS Software (PO, GTD, UTD) for detection and camouflage of military objects

Kathrein Werke KG

June 1985 – June 1986 (1 year 1 month), Rosenheim, Germany

Development and Design of Components for antenna systems Band III-IV, UKW, Implementation of DesignSoftware, mainly NEC

Techn. Angestellter
ITT Austria GmbH

April 1984 – March 1985 (1 year), Vienna, Austria

Adaption of Software Modules for RealTime-Applications in the area of digital telefone-systems (CHILL)

Elin Union AG

March 1977 – September 1977 (7 months), Weiz, Austria

Designer for high power transformers (e.g. 460 MVA for TVA)




Solar Cell model implementation in PSPICE using UCO
February 1999
Additions to the normal diode model in PSPICE enables active components to be simulated
Customer: Thomatronik, Rosenheim

GTO-Thyristor implementation in PSPICE based on Unified SCR Models
Avant and Lee proposed SCR models for thyristors. Equations are implemented in a subciruit for PSPICE.
Customer: Thomatronik, Rosenheim

Quasi Saturation of BiPolar power transistors
Implementation of model equations in PSPICE for the correct considerations of quasi saturation effects of bipolar power transistors.
Customer: Thomatronik, Rosenheim

Mechanical stability simulations of a satellite support
For a given satellite and support structure the misalignment of the focal point under certain wind loads is simulated using ANSYS. Development of automated quad/tet mesh generation for a sattelite dish.
Customer: Fa. Kirchberger, Architect, Rosenheim, Germany
Franz Hirtenfelder, Georg Sukarie

Quantity Calculation of building materials for builder's merchant
1994 – 1995
Based on a floor plane, a quantity calculation is performed for required building material.
Input menues and software written in TurboPascal.
Customer: Fa Niederer, Builder's Merchant



CST - Computer Simulation Technology
•VDI Verkaufstechnik

MSC Software
•MSC/Nastran Thermal Analysis Seminar

•TAE: HF-Schaltungstechnik
•CCG: Mikrowellenabbildung-Verfahren und Systeme
•CCG: Intelligente Sensoren
•CCG: Future Sensor Concepts and Signal Processing Techniques


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